Friday, October 5, 2018

A GRAND Get-Away with Daughters!

We have been trying to organize a Mothers of Eyrealm retreat for so long!  Because of the big trip we are planning for our 50 Anniversary next year, I realized that it was going to be impossible to get ALL our girls together until next year, so we finally planned a quick regional get-away for the girls in the Western US. It was a delightful 21/2 days with Saren, Shawni, Saydi and Kristi (even though Kristi is technically a daughter-in-law, she feels like my daughter, even though she has a wonderful mother of her own).

I left early on Friday morning and met Saren and Saydi at Kristi’s house in Provo before we took off for St. George where we talked a thousand miles a minute and called Shawni who was on her way from Science Camp with Lucy in the mountains of Arizona to the Phoenix Airport on her way to meet us at the St. George Airport!  

We had so much fun talking about a fascinating book by Maya Angelou called Mom and Me and Mom and attending three fantastic performances. First at the wonderful Tuacahn Theatre in St. George we saw “the parting of the Red Sea” in Prince of Egypt on stage with the amazing red-rock backgound that perfectly fit into the story. It was a wonderful warm Autumn night at one of the most amazing Theatre venues in the USA! 

IMG 6304

We spent our time outside of hikes and plays and eating great food as well as enjoying a beautiful art museum here at our little ‘Lofthouse” at the mouth of Kolob Canyon. We built this place after our original little log cabin burned to a crisp in a wildfire a few years ago. 

IMG 6275

We LOVED two other plays that were still showing at the end of the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City. The Foreigner, which was spectacularly well-acted and hilarious play at the Randall Theatre and An Illaid, a one hour and forty five minute one-man show about the Trojan Wars, excellently crafted in the new Black Box Theatre at the Shakespeare Compex. His fascinating words were accompanied by a stunning violist who played original music to fit the story!  

Sadly, I took only three pictures of our fun adventure, ending with a hike to the top of Cedar Breaks, which is glorious hike around a stunning piece of the earth. A couple of 2000 year old trees managed to survive the harsh weather for all those years and stand at the top of the mountain as a monument to the will to survive! 

It was a memorable weekend and such a lovely respite from the demands of life for all of us! 

IMG 6276


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